Multi-family dwellings

They are high-rise buildings, with several apartments and dwellings on each floor.

On a conventional basement the different modules are progressively installed, manufactured at the Conspace facilities.

The modules fit together and connect to the millimetre, until the finished building is formed.

It was decided to carry this promotion out with 100% industrialised modular systems, emphasising the value of the systems we are developing at Conspace and with which we have been making prototypes as sales offices for 2 years.

Single family dwellings

We use the highest quality and prestige single-family industrialised dwelling manufacturing systems on the market, tested to Vía Célere quality standards.

Sales offices

Following the criteria of the circular economy, we make our experimental offices and pilot apartments in an industrialised manner, providing them with all guarantees and standards, in such a way that we can reuse them in other projects.

Our pilot apartments are far from the traditional concept, equipped with life, with all the details that will help you imagine how your life will be in your future house.


At the forefront of innovation, Vía Célere has more than 7 years’ experience monitoring the technology and analysing different building systems for implementation in its promotions, making improvements and even researching and developing its own solutions where are were none on the market, with all the performance guarantees of the Technical Code and other Spanish and European regulations.

At Vía Célere we manufacture industrialised components, such as: fire-places, concrete planters, bathrooms, stairways, facades, structures and kitchens.


We choose, develop and improve several façade solutions for each of our projects, taking location, architectural and surrounding characteristics, and energy efficiency into account.

New-build bathrooms

The Conspace industrialised bathrooms have all the facilities and finishes of a traditional bathroom, fully tested and certified. The variety of finishes, brands and models is unlimited and will be those as specified for the building and the required degree of customisation.

They are transported and installed on site as a compact, closed unit.


The industrialised kitchens greatly facilitate the connection of the facilities with the proven plug-in system.


The Conspace industrialised structures are a highly innovative technical system, enabling a more rapid and reliable construction thanks to their millimetric adjustment. As with the rest of the components, we choose those that are best suited to each project, in concrete, cold or hot formed steel, etc…